Vision, Mission and Values


To be a leading company acknowledged in the national and international market, by its customers and employees, as the best option of supplier and employer by working together to promote the well being of all.


To make available to our customers, employees and suppliers specialized service, high standard and quality products, with cutting edge machinery and the latest technology, qualified professionals under continuous training, always aiming a performance with social and environmental responsibility, making possible the well being of people.


• Integrity
• Commitment
• Human Appreciation
• Overcome results
• Continuous improvement
• Innovation
• Sustainability

Trademark differentials

1. Selectas works with sliced veneers, a complete line of special coating products for furniture, floors and walls, making the ambience comfortable and sophisticated.

2. Selectas takes care of the environment, with several Alamo and Pinus forestation sites.

3. It is a consolidated trademark for more than 75 years in the market, with a strong relationship with the dealers and national and international industries.

4. Under continuous innovation, Selectas follows the National and International Market trends, always innovating the patterns and colors of the collections of Natural Wood and reconstituted veneers.

5. Large investments in technology and product advertisement.

6. Selectas has a competitive price in the market, with customized pre-sales and after-sales customer service for the national and international market.

7. Selectas' products are presented through technical trainings and events intended to differentiated public such as architects, decorators, designers, woodworkers and furniture industry professionals.


Av. Governador José Richa, 18414 - Pinheirinho - Curitiba - PR
Fones: (41) 3017-2331 / Fax: (41) 3246-7923
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