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Located in Curitiba since 1935, Selectas was founded by Maria Baur, at the beginning performing forestation and cultivation of native forests. As time went by and Maria's dedication to work and environment, the quality and trademark of Selectas' products were consolidated. There are 120 employees currently working at the industrial and forestall units, strategically located in Paraná state.

Selectas is a company that produces special coatings for the furniture industry and civil construction, supplying the national and international market with reconstituted and natural veneers, with differentiated quality in design, application, FSC certification. The veneer supplying forests are acknowledged, certified and authenticated by IBAMA (Brazilian Environment and Natural Resources Institute).

Selectas has its own laboratory to perform tests on the products to check the technical performance according to ABNT – NBR – 14535/2008 standard. The company already received the Export Quality Award in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2009, and was authenticated with the first and second edition of "Parana's One Million Dollar Exporters Club", in 1993 and 1995.

Furthermore, Selectas keeps reforestation areas of Pinus SPP, Alamos and Native Forest. The Pinus SPP reforestations are located in Lapa, General Carneiro and Coronel Domingos Soares – Paraná – with approximately 3,500 hectares of effective plantation.

The Alamo plantations are located in Canoinhas – Santa Catarina, with an area of 350 hectares. Selectas also keeps 2,000 hectares of preserved areas with native forest in General Carneiro, Bituruna, Mallet and União da Vitória in Paraná.

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