Isalone fair in Milan

Selectas visited Isalone fair in Milan from 17 to 23 April 2012, bringing several innovations and trends in the sector.

Milan has innovation, sophistication and design that are presented to the world.
In Isalone Milan ‘s fair , all the attention was focused on the style consolidation, because big changes happen in crisis times , which could be a frustration for the market that is assuming these changes and innovations.

The best of all is the creativity regarding materials, colors, combinations, textures and brightness, and the shape of the object placed in the ambient creating sensations in space.
The object transmits emotion in different styles, romantic, modern or even in a minimalist decor.

This year design stands out with rounded shapes, without leaving ambience more clean and modern where the organic form is drawing visitor’s attention.
To implement the projects, News:
In the High Gloss Products Selectas line there are similarities with the innovation of Milan (Hard Walnut, Carvalho Decape , Preto, Provence, White Supreme).

Other highlighted colors were the softer tones, like gray and beige (chord tone), and in strong tones navy blue, purple and yellow.
Strong compositions of white with dark and clear wood tones , with strong 3D design in the coating, bringing wood naturalness.
Another bet in the projects presented at the Milan fair, were the furniture produced in large panels, extremely clean, with little or almost no interference of handles, and household appliances and work areas.

Spaces spliceless, large doors and overlap door when opening.
To complete this wonderful event, well known brands like FENDI, ARMANI and ROBERTO CAVALLI showed tissues, fashion, and decoration with lots of color, gold and graphics, betting on metallic material and straight lines.
Come to see our new launches SELECTAS in the ForMóbile fair 24-27 July in Sao Paulo.

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